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Class room training 

​​​Board of Directors

Region 1: Roy Wilkinson
Region 2: Karen Horne
Region 3: Ebbin Spillman

                 Megan Infiorati
Region 4: Rick Caravona/ 

                 Dan Santana
Region 5: Darrel Tongate
                Chris Thobois/
Region 6: Jamie Cunningham/ 
                 Leo Rodgers/ Treasurer
Region 7: Carol Sjursen VP
                Ernestine McFarlane
At Large:  Karen Twigg
​                Penni Saginario

Education, Awareness and Assistance

The Florida CERT Association is a 501(c)3 (not-for-profit) organization established in 2001,  whose primary goal is the support of statewide training and education in disaster planning / emergency preparedness for citizens and established CERT teams.  The association, in concert with local, state and federal agencies, serves as a mentoring and resource asset for local CERT teams and programs. It also organizes an annual statewide conference where CERT teams are able to learn from subject matter experts on a variety topics that will enhance individual and team performance. Team members will also have the opportunity to drill and network with like motivated CERT graduates from all over the state of Florida. All board members are volunteers, From Fire Chiefs to Fire Marshals, fire service personnel and emergency management personnel all donate their time to assist in the organization and education of any CERT program in the State of Florida.