Award Nominations

As we celebrate 32 years of CERT, we would like to recognize all the great CERT programs, volunteers and partners that have contributed to making CERT so successful.  We are asking for nominations for the following categories for national recognition at the 2018 National CERT Conference.

Please note that the Florida CERT Association will also be recognizing FLORIDA volunteers, teams and organizations as they do each year. For these awards, please click the button to the right.


CERT Volunteer of the Year

Presented to the CERT volunteer for outstanding contribution to their CERT program and community as an unpaid program manager, instructor, team leader or general volunteer.

CERT Team of the Year

Presented to the Community Emergency Response Team that created/implemented an initiative and/or innovation that improves the ability of their CERT program to achieve innovative and sustainable practices in emergency management to make their jurisdiction safer, stronger, better prepared, and more resilient (e.g. in the areas of public education, training and engagement; government/non-government partnerships and integration of services, capacity building, etc.).

Outstanding Inclusive Initiatives in Emergency Management

Presented to an organization, program, or jurisdiction that has excelled in working with populations that are disproportionately impacted by disasters due to risks associated with economic status, limited English proficiency, cultural diversity, or access and functional needs in order to better prepare them for disasters.

Outstanding Private Sector Initiatives

Presented to a business that has demonstrated outstanding creativity and made a measurable impact in engaging employees and local communities in improving disaster preparedness and resilience.

Preparing the Whole Community

Presented to an organization, program, or jurisdiction that successfully engages the whole community to improve disaster preparedness and resilience; encourages and explores ways to develop whole community partnerships; and advocates a grassroots approach to emergency planning.