Benefits of FCA Membership

Whether your CERT program is newly formed and seeking guidance or well established but needing re-energizing, the Florida CERT Association is here to help. Benefits include:

  • CERT program support including statewide training and education in disaster planning/emergency preparedness for citizens and established CERT teams.
  • A mentoring and resource asset for local CERT teams and programs
  • Access to annual CERT statewide conference where CERT teams learn from subject matter experts on a variety topics designed to enhance individual and team performance and where team members have the opportunity to drill and network with like-motivated CERT graduates from all around the state of Florida

Support Networks for:

  • Communication for exchange and dissemination of information among CERT organizations and the public, as well as local, state and federal authorities;
  • Collaboration for working together as individuals, groups, and systems to achieve common goals and to undertake specific activities relative to disasters;
  • Coordination for meeting specific objectives through systematic analysis, development of relevant information and effective combination of available resources;
  • Education for providing training and information to CERT organizations, staff,faculty, and volunteers from around the state;
  • Mitigation for support of local, state, and federal authorities; participation in local mitigation strategy organizations; participation in efforts to educate residents and representatives about actions they can take to protect individuals, property, the environment, and the economy from the effects of a disaster.
  • Outreach for encouragement of the formation of and providing guidance to others wishing to establish CERT organizations.