Conference Awards

2022 Florida CERT Association Awards:

2022 Silver Star Award

Presented to an individual in Florida whose dedicated, unselfish and enthusiastic service has contributed to the growth and development of the CERT and Emergency Management communities.

2022 Distinguished Service Award

Presented to a long-standing Florida CERT volunteer who has demonstrated extensive leadership through sustained and significant contributions to the CERT organization.

2022 Florida CERT Team of the Year

Presented to the Community Emergency Response Team that created/implemented an initiative and/or innovation that improves the ability of their CERT program to achieve innovative and sustainable practices in emergency management to make their jurisdiction safer, stronger, better prepared, and more resilient (e.g. in the areas of public education, training and engagement; government/non-government partnerships and integration of services, capacity building, etc.)

2022 Florida CERT Member of the Year

Presented to a CERT volunteer for outstanding contribution to their CERT program and community as an unpaid program manager, instructor, team leader or general volunteer.